The Great Debate: MJ or LeBron -Jimmy

Posted: June 14, 2011 in NBA, Uncategorized

To me this question is easy, which can’t fit all his championship rings on one hand?  Well neither of them can, but LeBron’s reason is he doesn’t have any and MJ is just to good to be able to fit them all on one hand.  To me LeBron needs to win a championship to be even close Michael Jordan in skill and awesomeness.  The stats speak for themselves.  If you look at both of their first 300 career games Michael Jordan has a little under 1,800 points more than LeBron, over 300 more steals, and 155 more blocks.  “King James” has 6 more turnovers in the those 300 games, but on his upside he has 200 more rebounds and 250 more assists.  Jordan scored more points and was a better defender.  I think they only reason Jordan didn’t have as many rebound was because he had other people such as Charles Oakley.  LeBron didn’t have anyone else to do anything with.  Some could say that because LeBron had to do everything by himself and completely carry his Cavs he is better.  The thing about that argument is you can’t say that Jordan couldn’t do the same because he never got the chance to do that because he always had some other supporting players on his team, but I think if he had to do that he totally could.  I know I never had the privilege of of seeing MJ play, but i didn’t to all you need is those rings on your fingers.  You have to be great like Michael and have the rings which unfortunately for LeBron and Heat fans he doesn’t have yet.


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